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We Are On Break Till 1st June..Won’t Be Accepting Any Cake Orders Until Then..
We Are On Break Till 1st June..Won’t Be Accepting Any Cake Orders Until Then..
Winter Care Tips For Dogs

Winter Care Tips For Dogs

Winter is a time when our beloved pets need a little extra care. Keep these winter care tips in mind and enjoy everything winter has to offer. And don’t forget that winter cuddles with your canine buddy are a great way for everybody to keep warm.

  • Groom your dog well - Your dog needs a clean, well-groomed coat to keep them properly insulated. This is especially important if your dog spends a lot of time outdoors. Invest in a good brush and ensure daily brushing. Also, regular grooming appointments with your groomer for baths and haircare is essential.
  • Paw care is a must. - Just as we tend to develop foot cracks in winter, dogs can also suffer from cracked pads. If your dog has furry feet, trim the hair that grows between the pads to prevent buildup between the pads. Use a good paw butter to keep the pads soft..If you don’t have a paw butter apply some coconut oil & see the difference in 2 weeks. 
  • No overfeeding please! - Although dogs may need an extra layer in winter, make sure it comes from a coat and not a layer of fat. Cold temperatures may even bring on lazy behavior and the need for fewer calories. Be attentive to your dog’s activity level and adjust the calories accordingly. Also make sure they’re hydrated well & have easy access to water every time. We recommend making bone broths and soups with seasonal veggies for a low calorie meal.
  • Cozy bedding - Choosing the right bedding is vital to ensure your dog stays warm. Warm blankets can create a snug environment, raised beds can keep your dog off cold tiles or concrete and heated pet beds can help keep the stiffness out of aging joints. Place your dog’s bed in a warm spot, don’t let your pooch sleep on a cold floor in winter. 
  • Go outside when the sun shines - If your dog feels cold, try to walk them in the late morning or early afternoon hours when temperatures are a little warmer.Spend time playing outdoors while it’s sunny, sunshine brings the added benefit of providing both you and your pet with vitamin D. 
  • Their fur is a natural warmer - Dogs and cats are blessed with thick fur that keeps them warm naturally. Hence, avoid shaving off their coat in winter. Also don’t take your dog out for a walk immediately after giving them a bath. Let the coat dry out completely before taking them outdoors.
  • Health checkup in winter - Dogs that are prone to arthritis might have a hard time during the winter months. It is therefore important for you to pay extra attention to their exercise routines. Consult your veterinarian for health supplements and other medication if your pet experiences joint pain! A warm oil massage on their legs/joints will be appreciated by your dogs, especially if they are senior.

Enjoy this cosy season with your Pets!

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