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Top 8 Cooling Food To Feed Your Dog This Summer

Top 8 Cooling Food To Feed Your Dog This Summer

Summer is finally here and it brings with it a lot of juicy, sumptuous and healthy natural treats for one and all. And when we say `all’ we mean to include even your darling dogs. So here’s to celebrating summers with your pets in the healthiest way possible. We’ve compiled a list of top 8 cooling food to feed your dog this summer – 

  1. Frozen Chicken Soup Cubes – Make simple chicken stock at home by slow cooking chunky pieces of chicken with carrots, spinach and potatoes. Once cool, freeze the strained chicken stock in freezer in ice-trays along with some chicken pieces to get you frozen chicken cubes. Best for those long summer afternoons.
  2. Frozen Fruit Treats – The idea is to cut fruits into small pieces and freeze them together or separately. Do ensure that you remove all rinds, seeds and peels before feeding the treats to your dogs.
  3. Yogurt & Buttermilk – Can be given just as is or thinned out with water. Mix it with freshly steamed rice for a hearty cooling meal, or add some honey and give it as a snack.
  4. Cucumber –Cut them into small chunks and give them as treats to your pooches.
  5. Mixed Vegetable Soup – A simple, wholesome meal made with steamed and mashed summer vegetables, like, bottlegourd, potatoes, beetroots, and spinach is very nourishing.
  6. Pumpkin – Cook some fresh pumpkin without oil and spices/seasoning and serve it to the pet. It can also be offered in a plain pureed form.
  7. Basil Seeds or Sabza –Add a teaspoon of pre-soaked basil seeds to your Pets meals. It is very cooling and refreshing.
  8. Rice Stew – Thin stew made with white or brown rice and yellow lentils can be a complete meal for your Pets. Sprinkle some grated cottage cheese to make it more protein-packed.

Though, your dog will feel less interested in taking food during the summer season, but above alternatives can bring some changes in their diet. Including all these, just keep in mind that they should not gulp the food instead they chew it properly for better digestion.

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