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About Us

These once wild beasty creatures that once killed to survive in the jungle are now the winners of your heart and deserve all the care and nutrition that we can give them in exchange for those warm cuddles or love scratches. 

Isn’t it true that our dog’s whole world is us; from the time they wiggle their tails every time they see us, lick us all over to show affection and never leave our side (quite literally). They are the true form of unbiased and selfless love to ever exist; given that we mean the world to them, it’s crucial we look after them as well. The saying ‘healthy food is a practice that adds years to your life with every bite’ and the same goes for our pets; more importantly for our pets. 

We at Pet Feast India are striving to create a balanced ecosystem for your pets, where we:

  • Prioritize your pet’s needs.
  • Cook food that’s approved vet’s standards, made from scratch with healthy ingredients, and packed with nutrients to support a daily healthy lifestyle for your pet. 
  • We only use fresh ingredients, maintain the highest order of hygiene in preparation, and pack it with lots of love for your furry friends. 

Pet Feast is an idea that took birth within the lifespan of Roxy, the most kind-hearted Labrador you could have met. He was 10 when his liver shut down due to an inconsistent diet and consuming food that was heavily laced with preservatives. While nursing him back to health his pet parent, Sonal switched his meals from packet to freshly made home food, as suggested by the doctor and making sure that it meets his nutritional standards. Unfortunately, giving Roxy healthier food and care could have given us more days or even months but we realised it too late. This is why Pet Feast was initiated with the love and mind-set to educate, provide and co-create the healthiest lifestyle for yours and ours furry best-mates. 

Heck, we even throw birthday parties for your pets! Imagine if you could simply switch from unhealthy chocolate birthday cakes for your pets to completely healthy cakes and (treats) made with fresh ingredients from scratch. 

Initially what started off as a practice for Roxy, we thought of reaching out and making a difference in the lives of many more pets. We are trying to create a most sustainable community of consumers and people that differ to reason and make a subconscious effort to do what’s right. Yes, we can give our pets a better life and it starts with a decision that you make today. So are you in for a feast or not?

 Our Promise