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Celebrating Valentine's Day With Your Dogs

Celebrating Valentine's Day With Your Dogs

Our dogs give us unconditional love 365 days of the year, and more!

We realized that we were able to survive 2020 & lockdown thanks to them. Working from home became not just bearable but fun because they never left our side & gave us constant company along with unlimited kisses and cuddles.

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to let them know just how much we appreciate them, because, let us agree, nothing else has our hearts quite like our pups!

Here are some fun ways to celebrate the holiday and enjoy some quality time with your dog:

  • Spoil them!
Valentine’s Day is all about spoiling your special someone and a little retail therapy with your pup is sure to do the trick. Take your furry Valentine to your local dog supply store or check out on some lovely combos available online, and stock up on red and pink goodies, from toys to leashes, collars, treats and themed clothes!
  • Watch a Movie Together
If your ritual on Valentine’s Day is to stay home in your PJs and watch The Notebook while crying about how romance is dead, think again! Try watching instead “Marley and Me”, or “June and Kopi” with your buddy by your side! Snuggles, Popcorn, and a Snuffle Mat for your Pet  are a surefire way to have a lovely evening.
  • Go on a Trip 
Want to get away for a bit? Your dog would follow you anywhere, so bundle up and visit a local beach to romp in the sand, a hiking trail or even just the dog park for an extended game of fetch.
  • Book a Spa Day
How about a day at the spa to make your pooch feel special? Many options are available, like do-it-yourself at home, specialty salons and even mobile grooming vans that come right to your house.
  • Plan a Day Of Fun With Their BFFFS
Get all your dog’s besties together and have a good time with these pooches! Click a lot of photos, feed them their favourite treats, arrange some games and watch them have a gala time socialising with their bestest furry friends. 


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