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Pet Experts

Petfeast joins hands with Veterinary doctors to ensure that every recipe that goes out from our kitchen meets your Pets nutritional needs. Our partners assist in formulating not only complete and balanced recipes but also lip-smackingly delicious.

Just like us even dogs need to relax and have some fun and our association with these pet friendly places around the city help them to have a good time. We also stock our cookies and treats at these Pet-friendly cafes, so, that your dog also has delicious snacks to nibble on.


Dr. Saloni C. Joshi
+91 7770089120

Practicing vet from Pune. Owner of Pawsome Vet and Purrs & Whiskers feline specialty clinic. Completed Masters in Veterinary Surgery and Radiology and Diploma in Small animal ultrasound. Has special interest in Feline medicine.


Dr. Vivek Pande's
+91 9823071004

With more than 30 years in the veterinary services, Dr Vivek is proficient in identifying, diagnosing and treating the various animal health issues and problems and also in preventing major ailments