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Giving It Back

“Until one has loved an animal a part of one’s soul remains un-awakened” -Anatole France

We at Petfeast believe that our pets are our family. This means we extend our healthy lifestyle and beliefs to include them in every walk of life and co-exist peacefully.

We strongly believe in sharing what we have with the less fortunate ones by encouraging many programs that aid us through this process and supporters that are like-minded and love animals.

In order to give back to the society, we have in addition to other programs have teamed up with Resq Charitable Trust. Resq Charitable Trust is a NGO that works towards reducing human-animal conflict on the streets of Pune, India since 2007 & aim to reach a day where all animals are happy and free from unnecessary suffering.

They have rescued and rehabilitated over 12,000 injured and sick street animals every year, they also run a Free Street Animal Hospital, conduct education and awareness sessions on peaceful urban co-existence & run Rabies related field and research work programs.

To help them achieve their mission, we at PetFeast have pledged to give 10% of our net profits to support Resq Charitable Trust to support their mission.

We also have a campaign called ‘Feed A Stray’ that lets people sign up for monthly meals for a pack of strays, especially in your locality. This way you can do your part to help the furry ones you adore. It feels good to make a difference any way you can and with every buying decision that you make, you’re caring for the ones that matter most to you.


To Sponsor meals for stray in your area contact us on +91 9766644687