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What’s the Big Deal about Dehydrated Treats?

What’s the Big Deal about Dehydrated Treats?

As more and more pet parents are becoming educated about the amazing benefits of including angle ingredient treats.There's been a recent surge in popularity for dehydrated treats.

So, let’s learn a bit more about how dehydrated treats are made. 

The process of dehydrating is taking out moisture from the ingredient till it's dry and crispy. Basically, raw ingredients are sliced thinly & evenly, then placed onto dehydrator trays and dried at a low temperature for long hours.The number of hours it takes to dry each food depends on its moisture level.

Here are some of the advantages of feeding dehydrated treats - 

  • High Nutritional Value: 

Dehydrated treats are one of the most ideal grain free treats for our pets. Being a single-ingredient, it is power-packed. As the raw ingredient is dried at a lower temperature, it slowly cooks the ingredient without compromising on its nutrient value.

  • It’s Healthier: 

The natural aspect of food is restored as very little is lost in terms of its nutritional value while dehydration.Dogs require a high-protein diet but sometimes they can’t digest it well. With dehydrated meats and vegetables, the Pet’s digestive system is not relying on its own body fluids to assist the digestive process. This results in them feeling much more satisfied with less food.

  • It can be stored well:

Because they're moisture free, you can store the dehydrated treats in an airtight container or ziploc bag for several weeks.

  • It’s Convenient: 

Dehydrated treats are considered as good as feeding raw, but in a very convenient way. As there is no mess of cooking or cleaning.You can just feed them a piece or two while retaining the nutrient value of raw food. Dehydrated treats are lightweight and compact, so it makes it easy to carry too.

Dehydrated treats for Dogs and Cats include a wide range of products (chicken,fish, beef, lamb, fruits & vegetables). All natural treats that are devoid of any harmful chemicals, additives and preservatives. Pets love these treats because of their meaty aromas and chewy textures.

So whether you want to use them as obedience/ reward tools or a midday snack, it’s a great, healthy and energy-inducing alternative. 

Here’s a range of our Dehydrated Raw Treats that you can pick for your pooches.

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