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Ways to Keep Your Pet Hydrated and Cool This Summer.

Ways to Keep Your Pet Hydrated and Cool This Summer.

Summer is here in all its glory and it might get a little sweaty but summer is all about fun. And your pet would totally agree with that.

Most of us know how important it is for people to drink enough water, but it’s just as important for pets too.

Here are 8 ways to keep them hydrated during this hot season-

1. Get a bigger water bowl

- Your dog’s water bowl should be larger than their food bowl. It should be large enough to hold much more water than they typically drink each day, so it’s never empty

2. Make smoothie or popsicles

- If you love making smoothies in the morning, you can make a little extra to share with your dog. Just make sure not to add any sugar, or other ingredients that are not safe for dogs. Or freeze cubed watermelon, apples, or bananas and give them as treats

3. Take your dogs out when it’s cooler.

- Save exercise sessions for early morning or after the sun goes down.Your dog will appreciate the cooler temperatures.

4. Keep fresh water available all the time

- There should never be a time when you deprive your pet of the opportunity to drink. If you leave your dog for a long period of time, leave enough water so that your pet doesn’t run out of fluids before you get back

5. Keep their bed cool

- Remove cushiony bedding from your dog's crate or bed.They may be more comfortable lying on the cooler floor rather than on blankets or fleece. Or use a cotton bed mat.

6. Give your dog some space

- Dogs,like people, can get grumpy when it's hot.Remind young children that their hugs may not be appreciated on stifling days.

7. Add extra water to their meals

- Add a little water to the dog kibble or freshly cooked meals. You can also give your dog buttermilk or curd.

8. Be the Pee-Pee Police

- This one is simple: the more they drink,the more they have to go! If your pup is urinating several times a day this is a good sign and a sign that they’re well hydrated.

Keep these tips in mind to help manage your dog’s water intake for a happier,healthier and safer summer!

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