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How to Protect Your Pooches This Monsoon

How to Protect Your Pooches This Monsoon

How to Protect Your Pooches This Monsoon:

While the monsoons bring with it many happy moments and yummy food, as a pet parent it also brings a fair number of woes.To ensure both you and your furry friends enjoy this monsoon season, here’s a list of Monsoon Friendly Products that will make your pets' lives easier:

  1. Dog Tick Solutions
  • Monsoon is the season where your furries suffer from illnesses or even a flea or tick infection. Give them regular baths & keep them dry at all times. Be observant of their skin and hair. Look for sudden increase in scratching or red and irritated skin. There’s a range of products from tick and flea repellers to sprays, soothing shampoos, spot ons and collars..You can see what suits your pet best & choose accordingly. 

     2. Paw Butter 

  • Pet paws are much more sensitive than they look.So when you take your pet out for a walk during the monsoon, make sure their paws are protected and you clean the moisture.Once they are back,wash their paws thoroughly and dry them. Use good quality Paw Butter or massage coconut oil on their paws during their sleep time. 

    3. Dog Wipes.

  • It may be raining but you can’t really stop your pets from running outside,as they do need exercise. As a quick fix solution,you can use pet wipes to clean your pet’s paws after walks & freshen up their face. 

   4. Pet Raincoats.

  • Taking your pets outside for a walk can be a big drag in the monsoon with wet fur,paws and dirty muddy feet. Protect them with the Raincoats.Raincoats for pets are the rages now because they cover the underbelly which is prone to getting wet faster than anything else.

   5. Pet shoes.

  • Shoes are the most important while taking pets out for a walk.As mostly ticks get on them through feet while strolling in the park. Shoes avoid that from happening, plus they also help in keeping the paws clean, 

These simple steps can keep your pet away from all the issues that monsoon brings along. As always,pay heed to what your dog is eating.Their diet should support their immunity & keep them healthy.

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