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Monsoon Hacks For Every Pet Parent

Monsoon Hacks For Every Pet Parent

While the monsoons bring with it many happy moments and food, as a pet parent it also brings a fair number of woes. To ensure both you and your furry friends enjoy this monsoon season, we are sharing our list of simple hacks and home cures every pet parent should know:

1)    Schedule a deworming session before the monsoons start. When it rains, it brings with it a whole range of parasites and illnesses, one way to make your pet have a happy monsoon is to schedule their deworming session just before the monsoons start.

2)    Include more fibre in your pet’s diet. Constant rains may result in missing our on walks, to ensure your pet’s poop cycle is not interrupted with the lack of exercise include more food with natural fibre in their diet.

3)    Plan indoor games. When it rains all day it usually results in missing out on your pets daily walks and exercise. This may make your pet lazy or irritable, keep your pets active by planning indoor games as find the hidden toys, perform tricks, or simply climb the stairs multiple times in the day.

4)    Homemade tick repellent. Ensure you have tick repellent that is safe for both dogs and hoomans. Try our recipe: 2 cups white vinegar, 1 cup water, 20 drops of peppermint; store in a spray bottle to use.

5)  Bathe your pet often. After a walk in the drizzle or rain, it’s very important to wash and dry your pet well.

6)    Create a secure space. Dogs, tend to get scared of big sounds and thunderstorms. Help your pet by snuggling with them and creating a secure place where they feel safe. Keep their favourite toys handy so that their anxiety can be handled effectively and calmly.

7)    Keep treats handy. Keep a ready supply of preservative-free and homemade treats handy to reward your pets and keep their mood positive. Order our range of homemade treats from (link)

8)    Feed warm and freshly cooked soups and broths. These are not only nutritious but also easy to digest and your dogs will thank you forever to make it for them. Our recipe for fresh bone broth: Take a deep bottomed utensil, add 100 gms of cleaned and washed goat trotters or 200 gms of chicken bones to it, add one flake of garlic, 1 teaspoon of white vinegar, and fill the utensil with water. Cook on high flame till it starts bubbling, put the lid on, lower the flame and cook for few hours till the bones are soft. Strain, cool, and throw away any fat skimming on the top. Mix and serve to your Pets in batches. 

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