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Christmas Movie Marathon With Your Dog

Christmas Movie Marathon With Your Dog

Christmas is a time for friends, family and loved ones and this of course includes our furry companions.
Dogs love to be at the heart of every family and that includes every family gathering and celebration. Your pet will pick up on the excitement and not want to be left out.
It’s that time if the year when all you want is some hot chocolate & some snuggles. And your doggo is the best snuggle buddy you can ever get, so why not make the most of it.
Plan a bow wow movie marathon with your four legged friend and get those sloppy kisses guaranteed.
Here are top 5 movies we recommend to watch with your doggos.
1. Snoopy in A Charlie Brown Christmas
– Whether he’s dancing on a piano or decorating his doghouse, Charlie Brown’s loyal sidekick knows how to celebrate this special time of year.
2. Tucker in Christmas with Tucker
– A young boy, a dead parent and a miracle dog—this movie has all the makings for a good Christmas cry.
3. Buddies in The Legend of Santa Paws
– What’s better than one dog? Five dogs!
4. Beethoven in Beethoven’s Christmas Adventure
– The mammoth pup is at it again—and this time he’s tasked with saving Christmas when one of Santa’s elves crash lands in town.
5. Shelby in Shelby: The Dog Who Saved Christmas
– This Rob Schneider-voiced pup spreads some Christmas magic when he befriends a budding magician—and avoids the local dogcatcher.
You can make a bowl of Chicken Soup or a Hearty Broth for your Pet too, or indulge them with slow cooked, crunchy Jerkies…check out our published recipes on our Instagram page.
And while you are enjoying the movie why don’t you stop by at & browse through our Christmas Hampers curated with lots of love for your fur babies. After-all the Goodest Boi/Girl deserves a best surprise
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