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Why Is Socialising Your Pet Important!

Why Is Socialising Your Pet Important!

Socializing your pet is as important as training your pet. Despite being overlooked by many pet parents, it is important to ensure your pet starts socializing as early as possible. It is said that dogs have a phase from birth to 14 weeks, where they imprint. It is during this phase when they are most open to meeting new people and exploring new places and situations.

Introducing your pet to a new situation, place, people and other pets promises a better adjusted, calmer family pet as time passes. It is important to introduce your pet to new smells, sights and sounds in a positive and encouraging space.

A pet who has never been socialized is shy and fearful. Most dogs deal with fear by becoming aggressive and lunging and barking at situations that are new to them. While some get excited by new situations and this abundance of energy may result in fights and a difficult to manage pet.

One of the best things you can do as a pet parent is introducing your pet to different places, people and pets in a positive manner. It may not guarantee a well-behaved dog, but it is the best investment you can make as a pet parent.

Many times, a first new experience tends to frighten your pet, you need to stay alert and keep a close eye on your pet until your pet calms down and a new situation doesn’t excite nor scare it as much as before. The time varies for every pet and as a pet parent, it is important you allow your pet the time to explore and tone down in a new situation or environment. When they do tone down and stay calm remember to praise your pet. 

Simple ways to socialise your pets:

  • Take them to pet-friendly places, you are bound to interact with new people who come over to greet your pet.
    • plan play dates with other pets in the area, try to get your pet to interact with various breeds and pets with different energy levels, so they learn to manage their excitement with the over-enthusiastic and the not so enthusiastic pets too.
  • Take your pet for drives and outings, make them as comfortable in new places as they are in your house.

A few things to avoid when you start socializing your pet:

  • Do not wait until your pet is much older, the sooner you start socializing your pet the better and easier for your pet and you to learn to be comfortable around other pets and people.
  • Do listen to your pet and be aware of the change in their behaviour and attitude around things and people, it may just pull back in fear or snap out of frustration
  • Do not force your pet into a situation you know it will not be able to manage, take socializing step by step, one new person at a time or one new situation at a time.

“Even dogs from breeds that have a very good reputation for loving people will need to be thoroughly socialized as puppies, to make sure that they have lots of great experiences being around all kinds of different people. – The Importance of Early Socialization, Dog Star Daily” (hyperlink : )

Spend time and effort in getting your pet to trust you in all situations, your pet will learn to socialize better if it trusts you. Every time your pet shows any improvement in its socializing and interaction with other pets and people, praise them and indulge them with Pet Feast treats for being such a good boi.

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