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Use Code "PFDad20" to avail 20% discount till 26th June!
Use Code "PFDad20" to avail 20% discount till 26th June!

Self Warming & Calming Bed For Dogs & Cats (Blue)

Save 28%
Original price Rs. 2,500.00
Current price Rs. 1,800.00

We know how much you care about your pets. All Emily pet Self-Warming Beds feature a unique 2-layer fabric that radiates heat back to the source. This self-warming fabric helps your pet stay warm without the need for electricity. Unique materials of this warming pet pad utilizes and absorbs your pet's own body heat, ensuring a nice warm and cozy place for cat naps and dog snoozes. It's the perfect size to place on a chair, bed, or on a piece of cat/dog furniture. It's simple to use and a machine washable warming pad for easy cleaning. Double-sided with soft material for the option to flip over for the desired color on top.

  • Suitable for most cats and small Medium sized dogs.
  • Mainly made in TC (Terylene/Cotton) fabric and high elastic foam, very soft and warm
  • Classic shape pet bed, very durable practical for long time use.
  • It is the perfect shape for setting up a private sleeping nook for both cats and dogs in the corner of any room