petfeast pet testimonials

Shruti Digholkar

Why should humans have all the fun!!?!?!😁

I have been eating out a lot, trying new places, so why should our pet be left behind! I have been following Petfeast for quite some time now, and having met Sonal a couple of times, I knew Tysons second birthday deserved a ‘Pune Eat Out’ experience too so we decided to order a Chicken cake for him!

Though I cannot comment much taste wise ( even when the cake looked sooo cute that you actually feel like having a bite! 😅), I know Sonal takes care of pet nutrition very well, plus the look and body language Tyson had, I know he super loved it and finished it in no time ! 😍 Along with that, the entire process of ordering and delivery went hassle free! Looking forward to ordering some more goodies from them! 🙂

Give your furry friends fresh food, made in our kitchen & Delivered at your doorstep.