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Use Code - PetMom To Get 40% Off Sitewide

Trixie Beaney Fleece Pet Blankets, Black

Rs. 995.00

Trixie Beaney Fleece Pet Blankets, Black.


  • Trixie Barny Fleece dog blanket at a super affordable price. 
  • This blanket can be used as a throw over your furniture or put on the floor, which ever you and your pet prefer.
  • It is made from a super soft fabric which is robust and strong, with good over stitched edges to prevent it from fraying, in luxurious beige with black paw print design.
  • Available in 2 sizes...It will take any amount of dirt that is thrown at it and your pet won’t get the claws stuck in it.
  • Washable up to 30 degrees and dries exceptionally fast, so your pet will not be without his favorite blanket for long.
  • It can also be put in the car and or taken on holiday so that your pet feels more comfortable with something of theirs around.