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Ceramic Dog Bowl & Oats Plus Porridge (Super Saver Combo)

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There are always days when you want to be lazy but still serve a nutritious meal to your Pet. Worry not, our Oats plus Porridge which is ready in less than 7 minutes, is super filling, healthy, and a balanced meal!

Serve this in a super cute ceramic bowl and see them finish off every thing in a go!

Quick Eats: Oats Plus Porridge

Ingredients: Oats, Rice flour, Millet flour, Turmeric, Parsley, Dehydrated chicken and liver.

Key Features:

-Easy to cook

-Enriched with Vitamins and Minerals

-Balanced meal

-Variety of topping options

 Ceramic Dog Bowl

Bowls and place mats not only serve as the place to eat for your dog. They can also add a stylish element to your home. Therefore we offer a multitude of bowls for you and your dog. Thanks to various materials, shapes, colors and designs, everyone can find a bowl or placemat they like.

  • These bowls are can be used for both food and water
  • These bowls are very durable and have a long life
  • The products are made from using non-toxic raw material which does not harm your loved pet.
  • Available in two colors: Turquoise & Pink.