Attend the BarkFest with your dogs and spend a
beautiful evening, playing with them and enjoying the
various activities specially designed for them.
Also, while you enjoy the delicious grub from Westin,
treat your Dogs to Freshly Prepared Gourmet pet food
from Petfeast.
Entry fee – Rs. 250
For Enquiry – 9766644687 / 9923400442

Games for Pets
• Splash Pool Games
• Agility and Obedience
• Kids and Dogs Session,
• Interactive Games
• Quick Dry Grooming Session with the Groomer
• Tips & Tricks
• PhotoBooth
• Nutrition Quiz
• Veterinary Checkup/Ear cleaning/Nails Trimming
• Special Spot for Dogs to Show Tricks and Owners to talk about
their Pets

Give your furry friends fresh food, made in our kitchen & Delivered at your doorstep.