Indulge your Pet with healthy cookies and jerkies. Treats that are specially made with the finest ingredients and that contains the natural goodness of fresh vegetables and packed with choicest proteins and minerals.

Chicken Liver Cookies

Made with freshest shredded chicken & spinach this is delicious and healthy treat for your fur baby.High in protein & low in fat content these crunchy cookies work as a perfect midday snack.These treats are dairy free with no harmful additives or artificial colours.

Chicken Spinach Cookies

This treat is made from the finest chicken liver and whole wheat.An absolute treat for your pooches. Packed with high organ protein & good carbs, these are yummy snacks for those in between meals.Completely natural and also provides a good dose of vitamins & vital minerals for your pooches.

Liver Jerkies

This treat is made of a single ingredient  (plus lots of love) that is guaranteed to keep your furry babies asking for more.Full of flavours & packed with proteins, these also work great as a training treat. It is good for their tummies & teeth also. Awesome snacks for puppies to nibble on & dogs to gobble down. Plus it’s all NATURAL. 

Studies prove that Dogs who ate freshly cooked food were less prone to cancer and other life-threatening diseases. Their quality of life improved and they lived much longer.

Premium Chicken
Seasonal Vegetables
Farm Fresh Eggs
High quality Red Meat

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