Daily Feast

Nutritious human grade food for your fur-kids. Infused with love and delivered with zest. See them eagerly waiting for their daily grub!!!

Vegetable and Cottage Cheese

Vegetable and Eggs

Chicken and Vegetables

Chicken, Lamb, and Vegetables

Special/Gourmet Feast

Indulge your fur kids for any special event or just for the heck of it…Fine-dine food for your furry babies right at your home…

Chicken liver and vegetable broth

Goat liver and vegetable broth

Meat Loaf

Birthday Treats

Order for your pet baby a special treat for his/her birthday or any special occasion. We bake these cakes with fresh ingredients and a lot of love

Peanut butter and Banana cake

Apple Cake

 Carrot Cake

Gingerbread Men Cookies


Liver Cookies


Liver Jerkies


Chicken Cake


Meat Cake