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a few words about us

We recently lost our 10 years pet labrador, Roxy, to kidney failure. He was our first born; my son called him bhaiya. Roxy never developed a fondness for packaged food, even though we tried multiple brands. Finally I started whipping up home-cooked wholesome food for Roxy. I was surprised by Roxy’s reaction. I started reading up a lot on recipes and introduced a few more variations for Roxy. Roxy loved every meal I made for him and packaged pet food was banished from our kitchen shelves. Roxy fell ill when he was 9 years old and was diagnosed with kidney and liver issues. We had to switch to a vet-recommended renal diet for Roxy which he grudgingly ate. And after a few weeks Roxy stopped eating renal diet too and I I did pain staking research to  come up with home recipes that will work for his medical condition.

All our recipes are curated in consultation with Dr. Pandey, leading Veterinary Doctor, Pune.

Our Promise:

  • 100% Human Grade
  • No added préservatives
  • No added Sugar or salt
  • No added Thickeners
  • Fresh Vegetables, Fruits, and Herbs like Turmeric
  • Essential oils, like Fish Oil, Olive Oil, Coconut Oil.
Why should pets be deprived of wholesome fuel for their body?? Feed your four-legged babies home-cooked meals that nourish their body and soul.

At PetFeast we provide fresh food with all nutrition intact. Food that your pets will love to feast upon!  Our service caters simple and wholesome recipes, right at your doorstep. Try our monthly or weekly subscriptions and you can stop worrying about the nutritional needs of your four-legged babies.


Our food is especially suited to babies with dry skin, allergies, and fur loss as it contains no allergens and is all natural.

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